The Moped
i always sucked at this one

but i rocked at this one

The Kalmyk

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sho nuf bustin your onions man...i love that movie hence my avatar...ok i got the big lebowski/tron connection...Jeff bridges:confused:

Mongoose Rider

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Now I am feelin' old!

I remember intellivision! Xbox 360 now has over 60 intellivision games available in one package (downloadable on XBox live). I am seriously considering it for nostalgic purposes!


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I had both of those games and also really sucked at Maze-a-Tron, but killed on Deadly Discs. Looking back, the Intellivision controllers really sucked. Stupid keypad overlays....


The Moped
coleco sucked. intellivision had those weird controllers with the disc and number pads with the overlay.
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