Trend towards steeper seat angles


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I rode an Evil Offering in Sedona recently, and it was the first bike I’ve ever ridden that instantly felt “right”. I chalk that up to the super long reach and steep seat tube. At 6’ but with a 34” inseam I constantly find myself fighting with my bikes, especially on steep switchbacks. Running a lot of seatpost on an “average” seat angle puts my weight towards the rear of the bike, and I wheelie on steep terrain even on xc bikes. This is with riding on the nose of the saddle and leaning forward. Steeper seat angle seems to keep my weight centered better.

Wonder if anyone else has had this experience?

There’s a lot of new bikes trending this way, like Kona,YT, guerilla gravity and obviously Evil. Also I would guess the rumored new Hightower is going that way. Don’t really feel like buying another bike but that’s what I’m doing.
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You mean evil offering ( 77 to 76 )? , the following is pretty standard seat tube angle at 74.8 with 120 fork