transition from bmx to mtb


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so i still have a few weeks left in the bmx season, so i haven't riden the mtb too, too much. but i have taken a few rides just to tinker around and try to get the feel.

i feel VERY, VERY, uncomfortable on the mtb.

anyone else make the transition? take some getting used to? should i feel this strange?

as a side note, i also have a hardrock single speed which i feel much better on.


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just keep on the mountain bike exclusively for a bit - you'll get used to it. the body will figure out the new muscle memory for the new center of gravity and stance once you keep riding. once you get used to it, you'll be able to start going back and forth between mtb and bmx... but i think exclusively riding a bike type until you are comfortable makes the transition easier versus going back and forth between bmx and mtb... you won't develop the muscle memory to get comfortable as fast.

i went from mtb to bmx a while ago (just to get back on a bmx... last time i was on one i was probably 14" shorter). pulling up to hop up over my first curb was embarassing on the bmx, i practically yanked the whole bike out from under me and landed on my rear. so i decided to ride a bmx for a bit. now i'm more comfortable on the bmx when i get on one... its just a matter of getting the body used to it.
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