Transfer video to internet


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I haven't done video work in YEARS.
What do people use to get video onto the internet. like youtube.
You must have to compress files to be smaller and manageable.
I just watched a TV drama show and they put a VHS into a box and it digitized it and uploaded it.
I'm guessing that's just hollywood though.
Any PC programs or free standing converters?


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There are USB dongles that hook to a vhs player. Hook this all up to a PC with a decent size hard drive.
SD video isn't that big. From there, something like MovieMaker to cut scenes up, add titles and FX.
You can push it up to the internet into youtube or vimeo. Should be doable for less that $50. <- manual not in english, but looks like community supported <- decent reviews, needs a win7 machine to run included s/w, didn't read through anymore.