Trails Northern Hunterdon County


I ran into a park maintenance worker hiking last winter at Point Mountain and he gave me this map. These are a few smaller parks in Northern Hunterdon County, just wanted to see if anyone knew about the State Property linking Miquin and Point Mountain. He said the state was trying to acquire that property and run a trail through it linking the trails at Miquin and Point Mountain, I haven't heard anything since I spoke to this guy. This conversation took place maybe late last winter early spring.

You can ride at both places, some trails at Pt. Mountain are unrideable but all are "open" to riding. The section of Point Mountain North of Penwell I believe is also "newer" since it's not on their current map. There is a new white trail (blue penned in section in pt. mtn) If there is a trail running through that State Property that makes quite a trek from one end to the other. Anyone have any info on this?