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Sparta Brad said:
Hey I just found this website. Has anyone ordered maps from this place yet?

kind of...

I have his maps from the National Geographic TOPO site.

he posted them in topo's tpg format a while back. but you have to own TOPO software to read them. so yes, I have his maps, but I just did not order them off his site. and i think the ones i have are slightly older than the ones he sells on his site.

that said the guy's maps are comprehensive as any i know of... every powerline, fireroad, single track and game trail i know of are on his maps... he might be missing some of the newer trails built within the last 3 years or so, but he's mapped everything! its pretty impressive. and probably the best maps out there frankly.


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I can tell that he is missing quite a few trails in Sparta Mtn WMA around Rykers Pond, but I agree that they look good over all.

I think he sells hard copies too.

I may at least get the two portions in the Sparta area.


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Rod Johnson's maps rule

We've been using Rod Johnson's maps for years. They are great. Lately, he has included many more parks in his collection. Topographic is the way to go. He sells them in a laminated version and another two piece version that fits in a ziplock bag. We sell them at Town Cycle if anyone is interested or even if ya just want some trail advice, we know Ringwood and Wawayand real well and can help you out. These maps definitely put the park maps to shame. In fact, these maps are what the rangers in Wawayanda use.
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