Trail Running on the Beach?


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Do you consider it "trail running" if you run along the beach where the waves brake?

yesterday mornig before the break of day i ran along the beach on a beautiful cap may morning

some of the "breakers" got my pants and sneakers, and although i only got in 5k, it was a fairly descent run. i only run once or twice a week but am hoping to complete the 10 mile run this saturday with my tri club out of nyack

here below is the motion based from my cape may run


It might not be trail running, but off-road running of almost any kind is great, and beach running specifically is difficult and of benefit. If I had a beach anywhere near me I'd be hitting it every now and then, especially as I'm nursing a foot injury that could be helped with that kinda low-impact running.


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a rose by any other name

Call it running on the beach then. I tried the MTB a little near the surf, but it was lame.

Earlier this summer at lb.i. i did some bear foot beach running, and a thunder storm moved in quick. I did not know where i left my sneakers, nor what street i was staying at.

As the dark clouds moved in and the thunder started, i call that &**) in your pants running.


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I don't beach run at Allaire anymore.
There's more than enough sand but I hate when the alternate turf squishes up between your toes... that's kinda gross. Smells like hay too... strange:hmmm:

MTB on the beach?
Did that last year at Cape May. That takes some mighty big power to muscle through the dunes. Only place you can get a good workout down there.
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