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This was over on RideMonkey a while ago. I figured if there were some guys getting into DJ's or who already DJ but don't know the deal. DJ's can be tricky. DJ trails are like surf or skate spots but even more difficult as there is bunch more work thats needs to be put into them.


1. Trail Boss is person (or persons) who started the spot from nothing, or took over when previous Trail Boss resigned (by moving out of town or something).

2. Diggers are people who regularly dig with the Trail Boss to build new lines and maintain/change existing ones.

3. Digging refers to actually digging new dirt and significant maintenance work. It does not refer to "tweaking" lips or "re-shaping" things you don't like or "don't flow" for you. Lip shape and transition design are the privilege of the Trail Boss. If he's a new school steep tranny rider, then that's how it is. If he's a DH'er who wants big flat trannies, then that's how it is.

4. Newb Ettiquette. If you show up to a spot while Diggers and/or Trail Boss is digging, you dig before riding. This applies whether you are a grom or a pro. Be chill. Don't talk too much, just dig. More wheelbarrows filled is more respect you are earning. Do not offer to "fix lips" or other design changes. Just fill wheelbarrows, carry buckets of water, etc. If you show up and Trail Boss and Diggers are not present, it is generally permissible to do very basic maintenance like watering (be careful if someone's hose water is being used)--DO NOT CHANGE ANYTHING.

5. Locals are are riders who regularly ride the trails. Sometimes they dig, sometimes they don't. Don't ask a local for permission to change something. If you're new, you don't know what relationship they have to the Trail Boss or Diggers.

6. Pirating is where a large group of new riders find a spot that another Trail Boss and Diggers built (and has not been abandoned) and proceed to ride there a lot and begin digging without consulting Trail Boss.

7. Abandoned spot is one that was built but has been completely un-ridden and un-maintained for a substantial period of time. Not just the rainy season, or not just several weeks so grass is growing. Generally you can ride there (depending on the attitude level) but you cannot change things. You can do basic maintenance like watering and patching. Eventually, the spot can become yours, but give it a while.

8. Repairing Damage done by yourself or others is expected and does not require specific permission. If you take a chunk out of a landing or otherwise mess it up, of if there are ruts from people riding while muddy, put your bike down and go fix it. (If you don't know how to fix it, ask).

9. Picking Up Trash other people's trash is appreciated, and hauling out your own is required.

10. Maintenance is watering (or baililing water out of pits if you're in a rainy area), sweeping away leaves, picking up trash left by others etc. (Sweeping dust off of dry jumps is not as cool as actually hauling the water to re-wet the jump, which will settle the dust AND re-pack it when ridden).

11. Secrecy. Don't tell others about a spot unless specifically authorized by Trail Boss, or it's a "public" spot, meaning paid for by a City etc. not simply 'on public land.' Pictures/Video of super-secret spots is forbidden. Pictures/Video of semi-secret spots is okay as long as you tell no one (or even hint) where it is.

12. Riding is done only after you have demonstrated appropriate willingness to Maintain, Repair, Pick Up Trash, and Dig. Sometimes a spot will have enough diggers, so maintenance, repair, and picking up trash is enough that is required.

I want to add:

Save the Gazoladi's for Diablo or the freeride trails. Kenda K-rads can be found cheap in any size and work real nice at the DJ trails. Man up a get a smooth tread if you want to ride DJ terrain. Builders don't want stuff aerated and riders don't want to have knobbies folding over when hitting a hip lip or landing.

Keep the trees. Ripping them out or breaking them off may make for a more open run but for certain spots it's not a good idea. Trees and shrubs and anything green is critical. It keeps a place hidden and makes it look a lot more natural for anyone that visits. They keep things cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Adding anything with roots to a slope also helps in erosion when the heavy rains come. And a little branch brush during a air always look pretty cool.


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1st rule of DJ club is you don't talk about DJ club
2nd rule of DJ club is you don't talk about DJ club
3rd rule of DJ club is you don't talk about DJ club
....and so on.

I used to be into it when I was younger, but I don't know any good spots or have any real desire to get back into it. I'm more likely to just tear shit apart if I tried it :rolleyes: From what I remember as a kid we used to have problems with other "trail bosses" since our tools were getting jacked so we'd go over and smash some shit :getsome: and the cycle continued. Maybe it only happened cause we were kids...

I'd give a shot again if these places weren't buried in the weird spots, for now I'll stick to running my bike into the ground at the ski resorts ;)


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i saw this over on RM - its pretty comprehensive. gets at pretty much everything... #7 is funny - its how to slowly mooch a spot... almost like the squatting laws.


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how much do trail bosses get paid?:rofl:

Boss has to pay: Shovels, barrows, picks, buckets, BUG SPRAY, saws.
Boss gets: Aggravations, lame phone calls, braggin rights!!

Squatting a spot is not as fun as watching one grow.:p


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Boss has to pay: Shovels, barrows, picks, buckets, BUG SPRAY, saws.
Boss gets: Aggravations, lame phone calls, braggin rights!!

Squatting a spot is not as fun as watching one grow.:p

haha, ain't that the effin truth.

Bosses can also get into to some spots without worry. I was getting some beef from Berger at his spot in MA years ago. He didn't know our old trails but knew some cats I knew (fellow builders/riders) so things were a lot cooler with me riding there.

DJ trails are the absolute best and absolute worst at times. I could go on for a long while about it. But it comes down to this - building your own stuff and it feels good riding it and watching other people get stoked on riding it - there's not much better than that.
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