Trail Review - Wells Mills Park Ride on 7/5/09


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Had a great ride through Wells Mills County Park in Ocean County this past weekend. I had previously overlooked this gem that is only 2.5 miles off of GSP exit 69. Before heading out on the trail, I checked with a park ranger at the nature center who advised that notwithstanding signage that claims to restrict mountain bike access to the yellow trail, bikes are permitted on ALL TRAILS in the park and that they have not received any complaints of mountain bike use on the trails. She asked only that we be respectful of hikers when coming around blind turns, etc.

In a nutshell, the trails are extremely well marked and maintained. The grounds (i.e. picnic area, nature center building, public bathrooms, playground, parking lot, etc.) are extremely well maintained and very clean. Plus, the "cedar" colored lake and streams are pretty neet to see.

We found it almost impossible to get lost. The white trail in particular (8.4 miles) was a blast - very twisty and smooth singletrack that was fast with good flow. Though there is very little elevation change and very few roots, rocks, etc. (i.e. not what us "northerners" would call technical) it would be fun for both beginner and advanced riders alike IMO. I wish I had a faster rolling tire!

There is some sand, especially on the double track, but it did not bother me as much as some other parks. Perhaps because there was very little of it in the twisty singletrack.

A word or two of caution - TICKS GALORE!!! The nature center and park signage is full of tick warnings. As a joke, my riding companion sat on the ground and found three ticks on him when he stood up. :eek: Regardless, I will be back again later this summer all lathered up in DEET and whatever else I can find, and again in the late fall and winter when the nymphs are "dormant."

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