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I think the best trails out there are East Setauket and Glacier Ridge. You won't find a single rock out there though. But miles of smooth single track. Not much extended climbing either, some shorter power climbing. Check for directions. Most of the trails are really well marked (not Bethpage).

I'm not sure where you saw the rain is missing Long Island though .. Looks pretty saturated over the weekend:

Glacier Ridge is absolutely awesome, you can ride the whole thing in an afternoon & every foot of trail is fun, love that place.


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I was in the area and went to check out RW at lot C on foot during a lull in the storm on Sunday. The trails have been protected for the most part with all the snow and on the red trail, except for a few places with ruts, people seem to have been smart and stayed off. The intersection at red, Skylands and green is a huge lake.

There's still a bunch of ice out there

and quite a few trees and branches that came down in this storm will need to be cleared. To put this in perspective, I barely had to duck as I crawled through these branches and ducked under the trunk. It landed square on the gate to the rhodo garden at the back of the carriage house.

Fire roads are simply saturated and the babbling brook behind lot C is a raging river.

I think it will take at least a couple weeks before we can think of riding the trails here. Unfortunately, as I drove over Skyline Drive, I saw a SUV with a hitch rack parked at the pumping station... hopefully they had enough sense not to ride.

The good news is, spring is just around the corner.:)
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