Trail Maintenance Date - Sunday October 26, 9:00 am


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Sunday October 26, 9:00 am Jaques Lane Parking Lot.

Come join the fun! Its trail maintenance time! We will be working on grooming the new Red Trail section. Most of the work involved will be bench cutting trail, grooming some bumpy sections and working on some of the corners. All of the work will be on the single track in the woods.

Wear long pants and long sleeve shirt and gloves. We have tools, but bring your own if you like.

Meet at the Jaques Lane parking lot at 9am. We will walk in with tools.

I believe Jdog wont be able to make this session, so we will need about 4 people to replace his usual work! :)

I hope to see you there.

Jason P.


+1 Have to payback for great ride last Sat.

Are we riding afterwards?

P.S. What tools are best to bring if we have any? First time doing TM.


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I might be able to make this (now that paydirt doesn't matter). Can you tell me where this lot is? I looked on the maps on here, but I don't know this area very well so not making too much sense. I can mapquest it and find that the road short, therefore making the lot obvious? If so, I should be good.
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The weather forcast says the rain will be gone by the morning, nice! Hopefully the heavy winds they are predicting wont bring any trees down.

Feel free to bring you own tools if you like (no power tools). A stiff garden rake, axe or a hoe would be good for the work we are doing. We will also have some tools available for use.

Hope to see you tomorrow morning. Remember, Jaques lane lot at 9am, we will most likely work until 12.

Thanks again for the support everyone has shown for the Six Mile trail system. Its getting better all the time, great stuff. :getsome:

Jason P.

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