Trail Maintenance at Mahlon Dickerson


entirely thrilled
Well, we completed our first official trail maintenance session along the Cascade Trail, as part of the Morris County Parks Adopt-A-Trail program. A 35 yard section of trail was bench cut today, and we anticipate cutting an additional 15 yards next week. Special thanks to the Allamuchy JORBA Chapter for loaning us some dirt moving tools.

Here are some pics from the day:

1. before, with fashion model.
2. before, from the other side. we didn't make it all the way to this point, but are nearly there. what is done, is done and rideable.
3. steve and steve working, myself photographing, brad holding that shovel up really well. :D
4. after from the bottom.
5. after in the middle.
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entirely thrilled
6. rock armoring.
7. after from the other end.
8. three of the four responsible parties. From left to right: Steve F./Stratocatser, Sean/Anrothar, and the really good lookng guy is Steve M./Shaggz.
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Bob W

JORBA: Allamuchy
Good Stuff!

Looks like you guy's got a lot done in one day, keep it up! Glad the tools helped out. We can let you borrow more stuff as needed.

Bob W.


entirely thrilled
i must say, my capitalization in that first paragraph was exceptional. for me anyway..... i sure am eloquent.
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