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Went back out to Estell Manor Park today. Just wanted to be sure that I had as much fun as I thought I had last week -- and I did!:)

Lots of wet leaves made it a little slippery, but the trail itself was packed pretty solid underneath and we weren't leaving any tire ruts anywhwere, so conditions were pretty decent. Temp was high 40's and a bit of wind, but it was a great ride and didn't see anyone else the whole time except a couple of cars in the parking lot. I took a friend who is beginner-intermediate and he had a blast.



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trail conditions this past weekend

Was out riding early Sunday morning and trail is in great shape. There is a bit of overgrowth but nothing too bad. Log pyramids are all intact and berms and table top are all in good shape and rideable. No standing water or mud.

Anyone know if this trail is maintained by anybody?

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