Trail Conditions on 1/4/2008


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I haven't been over there in weeks, but taking a shot at it I would say there's still probably a fair amount of snow & ice, which I would suspect will melt this week, but will leave mud.

Like I said, I'm speculating based on what Wawayanda looked like last week & the woods in general looks like here in Highland Lakes right now.


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We rode Cannondall up from Pompton Lakes yesterday, and it was in great shape. Still frozen, but no snow anywhere near the trail all the way up to Skyline drive. Plenty of ice on the trail in spots, but not enough to be a deal breaker. I'm sure much of that ice will melt in the warm temps over the next couple days, and I'll get a bit muddy, but it was great yesterday...


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Lewis Morris

Rode Lewis Morris today. 65 out, had to. Not too bad but some sections really sketchy. Mud mud mud, epscially down by the streams. You can tell there are/were a lot of tracks down. Telling you, biggest problem they have are the horse prints! They're tearing the place apart. Wouldnt be half as bad if the horses werent allowed in there. IMBA should do a report on that!


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Trail conditions 3/9/08

Hit the race course on 3/9/08. Haven't been there for a few months and BOY was it a MESS! Granted, we had some really bad weather two days prior...

Trees, limbs and everything and anything else were scattered across the trail. Lots of ice, mud, leaves and mini streams running down the trails. Had fun (pretty much any day out on the bike is fun) but I've never seen Ringwood such a mess. Looking forward to helping out with some much needed trail maintenance.


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Best in the wet.

My friends and I plan to travel from Pa to visit my sister who lives on Upper Erskine. I know of a side trail that will join the main red trail across from her house. I was wondering what trail would be in the best shape and the least mudddy. We plan to ride on March 29th. I have walked these trail before but have never ridden them, I have the Race course map and this map
My friends will want the more technical I want the intermediate bail out trail.

Thanks for you help and if anyone ever comes to the Fingerlakes I can show you some great technical singletrack with no rock but lots of ups and downs.


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