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Steve Vai

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I went hiking this morning at the rock with my boys...The trails are un-ridable, most of the trails have about an inch of standing water on them and the rest are mud...I'd give them at least until the weekend to dry out before venturing back out there...


Brian Snyder

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Allaire was very wet by the time I left yesterday @ 2:00, and it has only gotten warmer and wetter. No one wants to ride more than me, and instead of ripping up the trails I will find something else to do. Riding in the wet forces the trail maintenance groups to do repairs instead of making additions and improvements for everyone to enjoy.


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I went out around 5pm to pick up dinner & drove past CR. Believe it or not some ass on a Scalpel was finishing up his ride.The bike was covered in mud as was he. I looked at the trails on the way back & couldn't believe someone would actually ride in these conditions. What a DICK!


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A guy came into the shop after riding 6 mile. He was covered in mud.

He said it was so muddy that if he didn't pedal he would have gotten suck rolling downhill.

I invited him to come to some trail days to undo the ruts he cut.

He didn't seem that impressed.


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2-25-08 chimney rock blue trail

c-rock was good for hiking with the dog this afternoon otherwise there was one set of tracks in the snow. I would give it two more days for the official mudfest classification.

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