If anyone is interested, Tourne is in great shape right now. Everything is packed in tight. A little leaf coverage on top of the switchbacks, which by the way were rerouted at the bottom = why? I was overall pretty stoked on my ride yesterday. This probably isn't a huge accomplishment, but I finally made the whole rattlesnake section counter clockwise. I always had a rough time on that last uphill garden. Finally found the line and nailed it. Next! Gonna try and go back there again today. 5:00 if interested, I always park close as possible to the gate. Grey Audi w thule trunk rack and SYF
Yeah, I saw that reroute as well. I'm curious myself as to why that was done. I still do the entire switchback, but I'd hate to see that eventually get overgrown b/c no one else is using it.


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I was with a couple of the MCPC folks last weekend and mentioned this to them. They appreciated the heads up, and said they would look into it.
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