Tourne Park - Sat July 3rd 7:30AM

I have an 8 mile route in Tourne which hits most of the highlights. Should take 1 hour 15 min. Let me know if you are interested.
Starts in the Picnic Parking lot


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The park is open, I rode it on Wednesday. Would be interested in riding with you, but we're expecting more rain this evening, tonight and again tomorrow, so riding would all depend on conditions.
Yes, park is open. I road Saturday and Sunday last week (no bears)
I find that the Tourne trails are shielded really well from the rain and there are rarely puddles or mud.


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Rode Tourne just before rain #2 for today. Was slick but not muddy. Depending on the am weather I might make this.
sorry I bailed for this morning. Road tourne last night and came out of the woods at 8:15pm. Last 15 minutes of the ride were very sketchy. Drove home in the monsoon.


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Tourne got some continuous heavy rain last night. The rocks and roots will be slick in the AM today. Regarding highlights, orange and blue are missing from the route above (and hopefully by the fall the new summit loop trail will be a highlight)
I can definitely add the blue trail and one-off the orange trail (doesn't look easily linked). Looking forward to the summit trail (TM is on the list for this summer).
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