Tourne / LM / South Mountain Reservation Trail Maintenance?


Just wanted to extend my participation in any and all that might be being planned for Tourne. With my move, I am now calling that place my home spot and it needs a little TLC. I would say I could help at LM, but someone already is doing a great job. I am not opposed to helping out there either if needed. If the time comes that we get invited to work at South Mountain, I would love to get in on that being that my job is about 2 minutes up the road. Please let me know about anything that is happening.

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bain, i'm going to remove your number from the post, probably not a good idea to leave it on the internet. maybe reno will call you, who knows. i suggest dropping a PM to gregg murray, icebiker, as he would be the contact for LM. Ry Ganley used to do the Tourne, not too sure if he is still doing it. Maybe a PM to Mergs, as he can get your number to the right people for Tourne & South Mountain. has individual boards for each chapter on their forum.
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