Tour of California...


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ToC has been a real sleeper so far. The 11pm showtimes are not helping either. No fireworks in yesterday's stage. Although, I guess the exciting result is that Levi didn't gain a big advantage. That will make the remaining stages better.

Anyone else keeping up and staying up to watch?

Do me a favor and don't spoil the current day's stage for me. I'd rather watch it each night without knowing the outcome.


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The Irony...

The Euro racers look forward to the ToC to escape the European winter weather. Two of the stages have been rainy. Yesterday's was 7+ hours long with temps in the 30s and a headwind most of the day.

A small breakaway group finished ahead of the peloton after riding 120+ miles on their own. That is a long friggin day in the saddle. :drooling:


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The last stage was pretty good...Other than that, it was a little boring indeed...I watched it on the website, it was cool because I didn't have to stay up late, with two little boys running around I'm usually out-like-kraut before 10pm:D



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Watching cycling on tv is like watching golf or baseball. It puts me to sleep quickly. Much rather get out there and have fun then watch others doing it.
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