Tour de Ant 2006



So last year when I first started riding I decided to do a "Tour de Ant" in honor of the TDF. I did 82 miles in 5 days. This year the goal was to beat that and to see how far I've come along. Here are the stats for the 1st 3 days of Tour de Ant 2006:

Stage 1 - 24.6 miles
Stage 2 - 33.2 miles
Stage 3 - 20.3 miles
Stage 4 - 17.5 miles
Stage 5 - 30.1 miles

I'll update this tonight and tomorrow (Stage 4 & 5). At this point I'm really sore, and am having some digestive issues but I'm going to push forward and try and hit my goal of 125 miles in 5 days.

Edit: I did it.
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smarencik said:
great job Ant! The question on everyone's mind is were you doping?

Only if mexican food and pasta count as doping. lol
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