Too early? Recommendations for Winter 21-22... Whistler... the country that loves to hate us...


The Dancing Machine
I searched for many 1 page threads on Whistler and as my 2020-2021 winter snowboarding season went to sh*t I am focusing on where I can take my family next season.

Thinking ahead and even though with a democrat in the white house our money conversion with CAN$ should still be good I was thinking about Whistler.

Ah yes, I know... the place you can get rain at the village, but snow at the top of the gondola. I know there are other places too, but every kid (*cough* and adult) needs to experience Whistler at least once.

To start I figured why not see what I can get for less... ah less the Marriott Bonvoy Card offering 125,000 points and platinum status until 2022. With a $300 credit I can purchase a gift card and have to pay zero for it, cool. Spend $5,000 to get the 100K+, sure... New bike justification!

Platinum is a big deal with Marriott and I wonder what folks experience is with the Weston Resort in Whistler? Under or Over rated? With this temporary status I figure it could take a big benefit at a nice resort like that.

What else about Whistler? Places I wish I ate or didn't? Must do ski line? ... Please don't say Whistler bowl or West Cirque. Great on a powder day, but those runs are overrated.

Any great ideas for kids at Whistler?