Tonights Beer tasting


Jamis Bicycles
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Tonight we will be sampling or a MTB night ride in 29degree temp
Saranac Season's Best
PBR in Bottles
Becks Octoberfest
Mad Elf


Jamis Bicycles
Shop Keep
Kinda like when someone pours cricket hill in your pbr :rolleyes:

no more like katchup on the rim of the glass

So who did you get to finish the Mad Elf?

no one it is still here and it goes to whoever buys my FS SS

if you have cheese at a wine tasting...what do you have at a beer tasting?

more beer also ur nightrider should be here today or thurs

PM me when you have Keystone in the can:D

just let me know when you are coming i'll have it chilled for you


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:DENDURA:D...Looks like I'll be up in montclair after the holidays

I couldn't be happier with the Endura soft shell jacket that I picked up a few months ago. Waterproof and windproof yet breathes well. The fit is a bit loose which works great for people like me with broad shoulders. Those Scott's know what there doing when it comes to foul weather gear.
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