Tomorrow is going to be beautiful, any rides?


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This is one of the things I disliked about winter commuting. You basically need two sets of clothes each day. Trying to find that magical mix of versatile layers is a PITA.

I've been fairly lucky with the Pearl EKG L/S base and a Gavia jacket. Only when it was in the single digits did I add a L/S brushed jersey to the mix. The Pearl stuff is very breathable so even if I wear it on a day like today, I won't overheat in the morning and I'll be warm tonight on the trip home. Also, to be fair, I ride all year outside no matter what so I may be less affected by cold/weather/etc...



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rode at allaire with the lady today. traisl were great. there was a few spots that were SLIGHTLY wet, but nothing really bothersome or cause for concern. i didnt go on the river side at all. pretty much just stay on the orange trail and some of the blue, imba and the switchbacks, and some of the hogbog. when i left the lot i thought it was going to be bad because the 100 foot of trail from the lot to the fireroad was a little bit wet, but other than that any wet spot you can go around VERY easily. again i dont push people to ride on wet trails, but there was nothing out there today that was an issue. the rutting from the past few months was all still frozen, and the trails werent wet enough to cause new ones. one thing that RULED about today was that i got to wear shorts!!!:D


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Was pretty sweet ths morning I started at 9 got a full 2 hours of riding in.
it was still frozen solid did a neet slip down the switchbacks ( I hit an ice patch ) but all and all a good ride.need to go early when it is still cold I say screw the shorts it'is winter time....


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good bye incredible day in January

Just incredible. I am still on fire hot right now. Roundtrip 30 min interval ride to Halters then came home and 40 min interval run. Great core workout. I ran, so what, back off :p


I think the hubby and I will be heading to Allaire tomorrow as well. Hopefully tomorrow is as nice as today. What time is everyone thinking about going?


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i think the temp was higher then predicted! i saw 55 in a work vehicle around 3:00, the ride home was nice, I wore my jersey and arm warmers, yay!


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I did a mid-day road ride today too, and I was overdressed. It was 52 deg when I got home, no wonder. I was thinking mid 40s when I layered up. No complaints though, it was awesome outside today. :D


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no we weren't in a pick up. unfortunately we were working today but we're wondering if anyone is going tomorrow
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