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well i got out early this morning and the condistions were super fun and way faster than i thought they would be in the snow. it was an AWESOME maiden voyage on the new bike.

also ran into everyone on this board. lol. in no particular order:

Chris(ctrdjmsdtygj or whatever your name is on here, lol)
Jim and Val
Bryan Snyder

Ben and Fred and the rest of the train they were with(i may be on video footage, lol). i believe chrisG was withem too.

Rock n roll girl
and a few other ladies as well but i didnt get the screennames from here, but apparently they were excited to meet me:D:D:D and thats always nice to hear. i am "a legend" afterall. lol.



Horse-faced space dog
i heard bens mouth for like 3 minutes before i even seen you guys. but somehow i just knew itd be you guys. lol.


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You are famous...all of the ladies were stoked to meet you today.

When you came out to ride today, you probably never guessed that you would find yourself in the lot surrounded by women, asking to check out your ink....

Not so mean in person are you?;)

It went something like this:
Mare-who is that guy over there?
Me-That is Mean Irish Guy
Mare-NO WAY!!! I have to go meet him.

Sherry rides over.....

Sherry-who is that guy over there?
Me-That is Mean Irish Guy
Sherry- GET OUT!!!!! I have to go meet him.

Face are famous........


Horse-faced space dog
hhhahahaahah im blushing. no wait thats my preinstalled rosacea(thanks dad). nah for real it was rad meeting you all. im not that mean around people that are good people. next time you guys see me and its not 25 degrees ill show you my tattoos. haha. who else was with you guys thats on the board?


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Well, you met my husband Chris, the big tall guy. ChrisG's wife was there and my sil Anne.
I am not sure who all was with the guys when their group was at it largest.


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I was part of the Ben, Fred, Chris G train. I can't remember the last time I rode that fast in snow! Conditions were AWESOME this morning!!! :D Lots of fun pedaling my ass off to keep up with those dudes.
Couldn't have asked for a better day. Looks like a road ride tomorrow!!!


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MIG,,the man,,the myth,,the legend.....

too bad I needed to work I did however get a great road ride in ran into a bunch of guys riding...most likely get out on the rode tomorrow after work in the AM...
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