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Without any mtbnj power I am unofficially moving the TM concerns thread here.

So far I have sent empowering emails to the following groups to hopefully lead me in the right direction and get in touch with the proper individuals to perform TM in this area: Rutgers Recreation, RUcycling, Highland Park Hermes, & Highland Park Environmental Commision.

My email touches base on the JORBA work and how more trails in the preserve will improve the RU outdoor community.

Like I have previously stated, right now I am just working on getting in touch with the proper individuals to perform TM.

I will post any updates as this process continues.



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preserve not owned by highland park

Talk about a quick turn around.

The HP Env Comm replied to my email and said, "...the Rutgers Ecological Preserve, as named, is owned by Rutgers. However, Friends of the Rutgers Ecological Preserve have performed some work in the preserve. They probably would be the best source of information as to who to contact for permission..."



well watch on the forums, that is :p

i was actually going to move into a place RIGHT on river road, across the street from the zoo, so this would have been a great place to ride regularly, now im about 15 minutes.

keep us updated manny!


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getting closer

So up to yesterday I haven't received any responses from anyone else so I did some poking around on the Rutgers websites and I found something very good pertaining to a professor (Richarad Lathrop) holding a course that worked on studying the preserve and doing work there. :)

The last paragraph reads, "Lathrop expressed his hope that the efforts of the last semester will help create a dialogue about the preserve, as "there is great potential for the preserve to be used more thoroughly for educational and recreational purposes." "

AWESOME! :D SOOOO I am trying to reach out to Lathrop with my letter. My friend Andy from RUcycling that happens to study environment things also informed me about Lathrop yesterday too after the fact I had already e-mailed Lathrop. He says that Lathrop is an outdoor enthusiast too! So that is a plus!

AND TODAY I got a reply from RU Recreation about a person from Facilities Planning and Development that may be able to help me. But I will give it a few days and see if Lathrop replies before I start contacting more beuracratic higher up people cause they might just slam the door on my face.

Whatever the outcome is of all this. I am looking forward to work with RU students, JORBA, volunteers etc to create an efficient & sustainable trail system in the Preserve. I really think I can take this somewhere so keep your fingers crossed.

BTW I really think my letter is very good and empowering. However, if anyone with this kind of experience wants to see my letter please give me your e-mail. Any changes you might offer can help. :p


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2008 Trail Map

Check out the Preserve homepage and the cool pull down map on the bottom.

The brochure link on the right has a good map too.

The maps show trials I don't see when I am out there on the bike. Specifically the western boundary trail. I will check to see if its there. If it is I'm sure it is not ridable and it is a trail that was not blazed very well. I will find out.


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Lathrop is a good guy, I had 2 or 3 classes with him in 02-03. Hopefully you'll get some good feedback from him!


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Make sure to quote to the RU website that you posted...

"What Value Does This Preserve Hold?
A rich natural history and one of the largest contiguous patches of forest in the area.
Streams that provides fresh water to the Raritan River.
Wildlife habitat for animals such as wild turkeys, pileated woodpeckers, salamanders, foxes, red tailed hawks, and more.
Recreational value for hikers, bikers, and nature enthusiasts of all ages.
Intrinsic value: enjoy peace and quiet in the beauty of nature amidst the urban background of New Brunswick!"


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Lathrop's reply

Lathrop got back to me just this morning and he has forwarded my message to Dean Goodman, who has been placed in an oversight capacity by central RU Administration concerning land use issues in the EcoPreserve. :rolleyes:


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You're warming up the RU Screw baby!

"Sorry, all funding is being directed to the football stadium expansion"


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What are you guys talking about 1-5 is awesome.....:rolleyes:

So besides starting to warm up the ru cycling guys, I've made a firm decision to come out some time this week and rake the as much crap off the trails as I can. I'm sure no one is going to mind this. I'm also going to try and cut back some of the crazy thorns growing over the "good" trails. Simple grooming like that shouldn't really give off any bad vibes to higher ups. I'm also going to ride it that same day hopefully. If anyone has a good day to get at it let me know. Nothing crazy that you'd really want permission for like reroutes or anything just simple manual labor :getsome: We should get together and try and map/mark out a good loop and check out those west side trails as well. I've heard Dean Goodman was a good guy, he's pretty cool with the local residents bordering the preserve so hopefully he'll be down to give us the heads up.

I'm going to try and get aboard the ru cycling weekend road rides maybe make some friends in that camp. I'm not really that into cross just yet so I might stay clear of wed nights, but we'll see.
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I live on cook and I've only been to the preserve once with a class. I wouldn't even know what to do in terms of finding the trails in there. Let me know when you're headed out I usually ride all weekend anyway. Maybe I can ride to there even.

Cars will be no match for a full suspension :getsome:


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I'll be at the Preserve Monday afternoon and Tuesday morning. I'll bring some hedge clippers and maybe a shovel and try to clean some things up. I'll probably be riding around as well. Elbiddy or Deezul or whoever is welcome to meet up.

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