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So I have been looking for a good do-it-all tire. There are allot a tires out there. Hoping you guys and gals could help me narrow my options.

What do you think of the Maxxis High Roller?


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High Rollers weren't knobby enough for me (tires, in reality, are really a personal choice) at least in the 2.1 size.

I like Panaracer Fire Pro's or I was thinking of trying Maxxis Ignitors, both UST versions.


Is racing a part of doing it all? If not and you want a good all-around tire the Nevegal is good. The 2.3 Ignitor a little less so but it's lighter.


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alot of people like the nevegals. I have one in the front and it's really good for cornering grip and off camber stuff. It's on the heavier side and rolls pretty slow though. . .


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Agreed, tires are like saddles, you gotta find what works for you. First, give us an idea what you are looking for. Do you want something that is real grippy? Do you want something that is going to roll nice and fast? Do you want matching front and rear or are you willing to buy two different tires?


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In your area I would use IRC mythos
Light - med to fast rolling - good togreat traction

In my area I use Hutch pythons
Light- Fast rolling- ok to good traction
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i love the 2.1 nevegals on my FS bike, front and rear. before that i ran velociraptors for years.
i like the IRC mythos on my HT you can usually find them cheap
ultimately you have to find what works for you


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i love the 2.1 nevegals on my FS bike, front and rear. before that i ran velociraptors for years.
i like the IRC mythos on my HT you can usually find them cheap
ultimately you have to find what works for you
Exactly !

Been meaning to try the nevegals. I hear many of good things about them.


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I run nevegals and panaracer rampages (more or less same tires besides some compound differences) on my FS and SS. I would consider them good all around tires for NJ trails.

If by all around you also include street and DJ on that same bike, high rollers are the way to go. Dont expect them to hook up in rocks too well though.


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I like the UST 2.1 nevegals! They have plenty knob for cornering, enough volume for suspension and yet have wide spaces to shed mud ( no need for changing every 2 days) plus ramped knobs for good rolling resistance, rubber durometer is somewhat grippy, and tire wears well . If you run the rear according to manufacture's direction you will have increased braking power but may lose some traction control. If traction is your thing, there are better grippers out there, but they may not shed or wear as well. Always a give and take.
If you like fast rolling do not get panaracer xc pros. I bought a pair since i ride in really rocky and hilly trail so the more grip the merrier and i havent seen this much grip in a tire ever. Nevegals are a really good tire my friend has a pair and he loves them.


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one more vote for the irc mythos; they have worked very well 4 me the past two years or so... racing, riding, all different conditions, ht and full sus
c ya


I ran Weirwolfs for years and decided to try something different and went with Nevegals...they were ok but heavy. Then I tried Rampages and they were nice and light but not very grippy. So now I'm back to Weirwolfs again on my squishy. On my SS I run Exiwolfs.


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On my fuel I ran the wtb velocirapters and really liked them. On my 29er I run the panaracer rampagers and really like them a lot. That's my story for the north.

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I've never had a tire corner better than the Nevegal. I run a 2.1 front and a 1.95 rear on my SS. Great setup if your not too heavy. On my FS I have Kenda Dred Tread . Fast rollers and corner pretty well, they can be a bit sketchy in the sand but what isn't?

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Another vote for the Nevegal 2.1 as a "jack-of-all-trades" tire...If you're a little smoother, the 1.95 DTC version is lighter and doesn't give up too much traction at all and rolls much better...and if you're super-smooth, give the Small Block 8's a try, I've been running them everywhere for about a year, they let you know if you suck or not!!



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one vote for: Panaracer FireXC 26x2.1

I use those on my FS & SS, I think it is pretty good in most conditions and pretty cheap. You can flip them for front or rear...

Now on 29er, I am using what came with the bike: Maxxis Ignitor 2.1 and so far I am happy. I haven't encountered any real muddy conditions and I think the snow rides are not a good way to judge them :hmmm:....but then again I am not that picky.

I mostly ride on the northern NJ parks if that is any help.


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Thanks to everyone for there input. Heres what we get

IRC Mythos
Panaracer Rampages
Panaracer Fire XC
Panaracer XC Pros
Kenda Dred Tread
Kenda Nevegals

With most of the Votes going with the Nevegals. I think I will give them a try. I will try the Mythos to.Thanks again.


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Compare the WTB Prowler 2.3 to the Nevegals. Trust me on this. I couldnt be happier with them. The Nevs wear out pretty quick. Prowler is a sick tire. Tough as nails and bites in like Mississippi tick. Everyone I have ridden with compares the Prowlers to the Nevs and switches. I had the Panaracers for years as well, sidetreads constantly tear. Check out Jenson USA or even see if Campmor can bring in a pair. You'll save a boatload of money either way.


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I like Panaracer Fire Pro's or I was thinking of trying Maxxis Ignitors, both UST versions.

I have run the Fire Pros for over a year and can say they rock. They hook up well on just about everything (rocks, mud, grass, medium to loose dirt) except hard pack. On the hard pack they seem a bit slow, but still hook up well. They are also super easy to mount on a rim, which is a huge plus in my book. I was also thinking of trying the UST Ignitors. Pricepoint usually has the XC Pro USTs for around $30 a tire.
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