Tires: Nokian NBX 2.1 Tubeless


JORBA Board Member/Chapter Leader
Manufacturer: Nokian
Product: NBX 2.1 Tubeless
How Long Used: 5 Months
Similar Products Used: WTB VelociRaptors 2.1
Overall Rating [1-10]: 2

Positive: Not one flat and ummm they are round.

Negative: Washed out all the time. Always lose tractions when climbing. Add in some loose gravel and climbing is a nightmare. Washed the front end three times on fire roads.

Comments: I won't be using these tires again.
Mountainbike Action said:
Pedaling efficiency: * * * *
Climbing bite: * * *
Braking bite: * *
Cornering grip: * * *
Lose dirt performance: * *

The NBX is not UST certified. It's the heaviest tubeless tire and can run extremely low pressures before blurping air. This is a tire that works okay as long as you stick to harder dirt. The dual-compound tread easily loses composure when you enter into loose, sketchy turns at speed.
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