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I've been riding my Hi-Fi Deluxe 29'er now for about a month, maybe 8-10 rides on it. This bike flat our ROCKS !
I noticed today,( we did a quickie Mahlon ride) that my rear tire wall is shredded. In one spot I actually think it's through and through. You can see the inner wrappings of the tire. I did notice that the sidewalls of the tire ( Bontrager ACX ) are super thin.
I have not tweaked the tire pressure or anything like that, maybe it's something I should pay attention to ?
Mahlon is very rocky , could I have been running to high of a tire pressure ?

I'm 99% sure I will need to replace the rear tire, any suggestions ?

The front tire is fine .

Jim Vreelend if your out there, I'm wondering if your working tommorrow.I'd like to stop in and have ya take look see.


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Those tires suck, IMO. Jim likes em, but I can't stand em. I've actually got an extra Jones ACX from my '05 Paragon that doesn't have many miles on it, and I'll give it to you for free if you want it.


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I ran those tires on my hardtail for over two years - to the point where most of the knobs had sheared off. I run them (26s) at 32psi and they held up beautifully in the rocky stuff. I never had an issue with the thin sidewalls. Though they were heavily scuffed from my lack of skill through rock gardens, they did not shred. Sounds like you hit at a bad angle and your tire is dead...


2 responses 2 very different opinions.

Do they have an unusually thin side wall ?

J, I'm thinking I'd like to see what the masses suggest as far as replacing with the same or trying something different.

I had Panaracers on my Trek 4300 and I really liked them.

What about them dont ya like ?

Thank you for the offer, I might take you up on it.


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thin sidewalls

I had issues with them too. While I liked the tires, they did tear on me as well. I had the standard ones. The tubeless ready sidewalls may fair a little better. I've been on Rampages for a while now.


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They absolutley suck. Save them for snow rides, its the only place they shine.........


Ok, So I think it's agreed that they suck.

So what direction do I go and do I replace front and rear at this point and I need it done today so I can ride in the morning.


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Its early, shops are open today. Buy a tire, put it on and enjoy:D

If you are going to an unfamiliar shop, call to make sure they have 29ers in stock.
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Well either call to find out what they have is stock or take the ride over. Tell them you weren't really all that impressed with the performance of the stock tires and that you would like to try something else.


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Don't judge a tire by its tread

I absolutely love'em. Although I would agree the sidewalls are thin, the tire has never let me down. Somehow the low tread ALWAYS holds the trail (unless its super muddy). I put 101 miles on them in the 101 this year, and 100+ miles on them in the 24 of Allamuchy, including hundreds of miles riding Allamuchy this summer. I love the fact that I never have to think about them, because they always react as expected. I tried the rampage, but there was no love there. Every time the trail was even a little damp, the tire was unpredictable - just not for me. It always seems that people just never agree on tires. I think you just need to try some different ones and see what works for you. Of course tire pressure can drastically change the way a tire performs, play with that also.


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Oops - in the light of the morning, I realize I actually ride the Bontrager XR tires, not the ACX. (I always get the names mixed up). Never ridden the ACX, so ignore the above review. :confused:

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Dangit, I missed it!! Let's all just make sure we're comparing apples-to-apples here, they do 2 versions of this tire, standard and tubeless ready. The tubeless ready version has a beefier sidewall and holds up very well. If you ripped through already though, you may need something beefier still, try the Bontrager XDX in the tubeless ready, they're a little heavier, but the tread is great:D



I worked at rt 15 bike shop. those tires are really bad. See if panaracer makes a 29er tire or try maxxis they really good. Don't worry i've see that happen before your not the only one.
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