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Props to the trail builders for designing a fun, super-twisty singletrack trail that flows around (and through) many tight trees. Great trail conditions with hardly any sand. No jumps or stunts. The fun to be had here is trying to keep a good pace through the many turns and trees.

For best parking, go about 1 mile north of the main park entrance to Artesian Well Road. There's space to park right after you turn onto that dirt road, on the left. The trail begins on the left, a little farther down Artesian Well Rd.

In the summer you may want to spray your legs with Off before riding. There is a lot of long grass and I found several tiny ticks on my legs after the ride.

There's also supposedly another good nearby trail off Rt 49 in Estell. Stop by the local bike shop if you want more info.


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"Tight" is an appropriate description. Bring your short bars to this place. There is one trail (not sure if it is one of the trails built by IMBA at this park) that is so tight and twisty it is hard to keep the bar ends off the trees - boy it was fun!

Brought my brother-in-law to Estell for one of his first rides. This place is perfect for beginners. He was laughing and hollering the entire time through the trees...


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I was out there today. I think today I passed the most people today than in the past 2 years I've been going. One dude went ripping by us on a bike with a cherry red frame. Dunno what make. In any event, most impressive.

It's always nice out there when the weather gets cool but I'm gonna eat tree one of these days from sliding out on the leaves and pine needles! :cry: I want to take a ride out there when the ground is frozen. Perhaps that will alleviate the sandy/leafy sliding.


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Hey Argyle -- I was out there too on Sunday! I was alone and riding a purple Specialized bike. I didn't see anyone on a red bike though. In fact, I only saw two other people riding together the whole time I was out! This was my first time on this trail and I thought it was a GREAT single track ride. More challenging than Wharton which is also a very fun ride. Lots of nice dips and some really cool narrow ridge riding and lots of good sized log obstacles and lots of twisty turns -- pretty challenging for SoJo! I did fall 3 times -- once hard but no real injuries. The leaves and wet logs made it a little dicey! The trail was pretty well marked and even though the leaves covered the trail up, I really didn't need to go searching for trail markers. This has to be one of the very best SoJo trails and props to the guys who laid this out and maintain it. I will scan the detailed trail map and upload soon -- unfortunately the copies from the ranger station are pretty poor quality though.

Here's some additional info/advice: make the very first left after you enter on Artesian Well Rd and park at the end near the trail map board. Start off on the trail head that is just to the right of the trail map board. You will cross over Artesian Well Rd and keep going straight across back onto the single track trail -- this is 'Hammerhead Trail' and it will eventually come back to Artesian Well Rd and crosses again back to the other side where you pick up the single track trail again. You eventually will get to a point where there is a sign (North Trail) and you will have the option to go left or right -- go left to keep on the single track which will wind back around and it follows along Rt 50 (can hear through the woods but not see it) for a bit and you will eventually come out back at Artesian Well Rd just below the parking lot.
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yo frickster - well, i think it was a red frame, maybe it was you. i was out there with my buddy who was on a hybrid and is a bit timid on the trails so we kept stopping every few minutes. i was there in the afternoon around 1pm.

There was one point where I had to stop and backtrack because I rode right off the trail. I found the rest of the trail and decided to do a little TM and threw some tree branches down on the "false" trail. Ha! Hopefully that'll help others as well.

I wish IMBA would come back and build a little more advanced trail in addition to what's out there. I think it's totally possible. Maybe even a small, easy jump line. Right by the entrance from Rt.50 there are some nice small dips and bumps that could turn into that easily. Plus, the trees are thin there.


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There was another guy in parking lot when I left around 1p that was wearing a brown jersey. Looked like he was riding alone, so maybe was him. There is definitely real tree-eating potential on that trail -- very narrow! There was one steep drop at the top of Hammerhead right around the upper parking lot. I also saw a board ramp jump set up somewhere in the middle, but I came at it from the wrong direction and didn't take it. I promised my 10yr old son I'd take him there next time -- he'll love it.
I agree there's potential for some additional advanced trail sections -- that narrow ridge section with all the ups and downs was a fun one.

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