Thursday 6 pm ride Tourne


Tomorow I might get a ride together.. Show of hands.. 6pm meet at The train. This is only if it's not raining or to sloppy!!!!
I'll see what I can do but I have a closing on Friday and I have to finish a ton of stuff before I finish my central air. :(
Well, I am out for today.....

Last night at the wed ride, we had to ride on patriots and it was compleatly flooded almost a foot deep... I have to take apart a bunch of shit before I ride it again..
Parts of Mahon had 6"-12" deep puddles as well but most of it was in really good shape...

Next time.
I’ll be riding up at the Tourne with my roommate tonight. Probably wont get there till almost 7 though. Since I don’t really know any of you guys I’ll just say hi to the people that I see.

On a side note, I was out there last night and it was in much better shape then I expected.
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