Thurs Tourne 6:00pm



or should i say 4:30 for some!

i would like to get two good hours of riding in as i have to take off around 8:00

who's in?

and Jay, thats what gloves are for!

It was a good ride while it lasted. My rear deraileur broke at around 7pm and I had to jet to make it to Marty's before 8. I had to stop by my house first to pick up my new shifter so I could get it all done in one shot. I get there with 5 minutes to spare and guess what I lost?? THE F'N KEYS TO MY RACK. So I was shit out of luck! I did pick up a new XT deraileur ( I know Ry but I'm impatient ) but I had to go home and figure out WTF to do with my rack. I searched everywhere and even went back to the damn park with my MAG light. So now, two drilled cylinders later, I got my bike off the rack. BTW, I'm not feeling too safe with the rack now that I see how easy it is to break the locks.

Oh well! Maybe I'll be able to get my bike fixed by Saturday. :(
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