Thurs night gravel/ canal ride from halters


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We have been doing a fun gravelish ride the last few weeks on Thursday.

Usually about 25 miles or so.

pedaling 6:15 pm

Sometimes we just ride on the canal path.

Last night we rode back through the Princeton campus which was fun

Some points get fast-ish, but we regroup.

We usually get back as the sun sets.

This was the route last night

We are riding tonight at 6pm leaving from the shop, (1325 U.S. 206 #29, Skillman, NJ 08558.) We are going north on the canal to Colonial Park and them heading back. About 22 miles very little elevation.
Wheels rolling 6:15!
Last night I came through after the storm. Can confirm that the north bound section of 518 is impassable. Maybe south is better? Will do some recon tonight.
Yep, I got on the towpath near Coppermine and headed towards 518. Cleared some debris and broken branches on the way along with climbing over two big trunks. Got to the crossing closest to 518 with tree/branches that I could not move or climb over. Had to ride on Canal Rd and I was terrified riding that rode with traffic coming from both direction. Never doing that again if I can help it.😨. I should have turned around at the first obstacle and taken Coppermine back home.
Didn't go south last night as I guess riding in the storm I caught something in my already bald Gravel King as it was dead flat.
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