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Guest mountain creek. There is some good technical singletrack off of the back side of the mountain. and I don't know how, but somehow i held up on the DHs with my hardtail. well, i did go through one set of pads and a rear tire for a days riding. Oh, and i somehow managed to tweak one of my rear dropouts to the point where i had to remachine it to get my wheel straight again :lol: I had a blast! Anyone been there lately/over the summer?


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RichieRich said:
i wanna check it out. hardtail here too but i think i might be investing in a full susp. very soon. :twisted:

You can also rent. ;)


5wytchBh4kk said:
i think so. anyone been here lately?

Yes... the single track behind the mountain aka. "caliente" is still there, we stumbled upon it on mistake. Diablo was a lot of fun.


I Owe Norm $10

anyone know if you can get away with a hardtail on the intermediate downhill trails? im trying to avoid their ridic rental fee

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