this weekend


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so, where is the mtbnj team ride this weekend? and damnit jason, where are the stickers! 😀
well, i was just informed that we are having company this weekend so i, starter of this thread, am out. my "honey-doo" list now includes picking up my wife's parents from thier cruise in NYC and cutting the lawn. if i'm riding, it'll be at the tourne and EARLY. maybe deer park.
let me know if you are. i'll try to join you. i should know in a few hours whether or not i HAVE TO pick up my wife's parents from NYC. if i don't i'm in.

will do. like you, we are laden with plans this weekend, so i have to sneak a ride in when i can.
by girls bike, you don't mean "road bike" do you? 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀
hey steve, looks like i'm clear in the early am now. what time are you thinking??
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