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i was in the shop yesterday and there was conversation about all these pro racers and mountains and all types of stuff. My imput to the conversation was Huh? What?

where do you guys learn all this stuff?! I wanna be able to talk cycling too!


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it was an epic battle though. and i'm glad someone from another country won the race, as it brings it a tiny bit closer to being a true world championship event. not nearly as good as the kona series though. i'll probably buy the dvd. eatough is an animal.

magazines fred. that and espn airing the norba nationals years ago was where i got most of my dirt on the pro racing circuit.


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I'd say the "world" championship is where the biggest gun is, and that year this was Eatough at Conyers. There will very probably never be a true championship, since it's not a sanctioned sport. The championship is where the best riders go.
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