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Beginning Wednesday, May 20, 2020,
Morristown National Historical Park will reopen access to Jockey Hollow and New Jersey Brigade Areas with certain restrictions in place.
The following areas will be open from 8:00 am - 6:00 pm daily:
* Jockey Hollow Area parking lots at the Visitor Center, Wick House, and Soldier Huts, and New Jersey Brigade/Cross Estate Area parking lot.
* Jockey Hollow Tour Road
* Soldier Huts
* All 27 miles of hiking trails
* Equestrian trail use (5 trailer spaces at the visitor center parking lot only)
There are other restrictions/closures in effect. Visit the press release at the end of this post or their web site, for the most up to date information. If you visit, remember to follow the Leave No Trace principles.


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This makes me smile but also frown. Put my mtb and road bike on FB for what I thought were outrageous prices. Over 200 messages and less than 20 hours later, both bikes gone for full price.

Happy that once shops get inventory I will be buying but sad that for the first time since I was 5 years old, I don't have a bike at all.


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So I’ve been following a few threads like this and was thinking of listing my loaner bike. I may just keep it as the parts may be with more than the sum but you never know. Any thoughts on what to list something like this? It’s a 2011 Devinici Ollie 26 Medium 160mm travel FR/RR as setup, 2013 Monarch RT3, 2016 X-Fusion Slant, 1x10 w/ Saint shifter. I was setup for Mtn Creek but I sold the Boxxer.

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@kdebello dont be shy. More deets please. Model and price for us to price our shit

@Aresab310 $1,400? And be patient. You will get offers. Not sure what but let’s find out!
2010 Jamis Dakota 26", $600. 3 months ago, no way would I get $200 for it.
Trek 1.2, 2013? $650, paid much less, not even a year ago

Both will need minor work soon. Tires, chain, etc. Was upfront with buyers. Could have gotten more out of each but a quick sale is better than being greedy.

Were really weird transactions. We roll up to the meeting spot, wearing masks and gloves. Look at something, cash exchanged, get in our cars and take off.
Any other time and near a school zone, neighbors are calling the cops.


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@Aresab310 both but the real mtn bikes are mostly on facebook and join the group 'northeast bicycle classifieds'
I've seen a big brand bike, long travel, 26", listed mid thousands and people are sweating it.
No harm in listing ;)


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Heard back from the college financial aid committee for my funding appeal and they granted him an additional $5000 a year on top of his scholarship. It’s a drop in the bucket but it’s still 5K less I have to take out in loans.

my son calculated my email value per word around $5 so I guess it was worth it.


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somehow our HS was featured since they just announced July 8 will be some kind of live graduation here and not virtual. Details pending.

that date is also our 30th wedding anniversary.


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Stolen Bike Replaced

An Upper Greenwood Lake kid, Jack, was awarded a bike a few years ago for his volunteer work with the West Milford Family Pump Track.

Then last week, someone stole it.

West Milford Family Pump Track president Jay Huggins shared a photo of the orange bike on Facebook, asking the community to be on the lookout. The community rallied, sharing post. It was shared over 167 times and reached more than 14,000 people.

“This hit home for an awful lot of people,” said Huggins. “A lot of people were not happy about this.”

Town Cycle in West Milford, The West Milford Family Pump Track, and anonymous donors joined forces to provide a new bike for Jack before the weekend hit.

Huggins put it out on social media for pump track regulars to gather—at a safe distance—at the pump track on Friday. He also reached out to Jack’s dad; they told Jack the track needed some volunteer help.

Instead, Jack was presented with a brand new bike when he got there.

“I’m so happy that in four days, we got him a new bike, and the world is all back to normal in one respect,” said Huggins. “This is a good kid. I’m glad that we were able to help him out and reiterate to him: ‘If you’re a good kid, good things happen.’”