Things that make you smile :)


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I searched there are no relevant memes here, just champions league is garbage memes... Serie A is also garbage @serviceguy
Sure thing, can't compare to the thrill of one of the players being shot to death by a disappointed supporter every now and then. That is one way to motivate players, while in Europe we just throw loads on money to the first South American that shows up and expect him to be the next Maradona...

BTW, I couldn't care less about soccer, I don't even care about the Italian national team anymore (I don't even believe they qualified for the next World Cup).


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TravelOn bag around my body with every zipper locked. They'll have to drag me to Croatia to get any Euros from me. Thank you though. I think Greece was worse, honestly.
I got one of their backpack for Euro-trips too. They're pretty nice. Got some steel mesh/cord sown in to the bag and straps to be cut proof, and the clip on zippers definitely make it more difficult to unzip.