Things that make you smile :)

so this 'hacker' is helping people find out if their email id is on a list by putting in their email id......brilliant.
Gets better (quote from the above link):

In case your email has been affected, it’s advisable to change your password at once. The site
also offers password search to verify if any of the data breaches contained a specific password
that you used.
I went camping last weekend, with close to 200 Scouts for our annual Klondike Derby. I'm often amazed we can get that many youth from the electronic generation to participate in an event as raw as this can be. And they don't just show up, they compete in skill stations, a dog sled race, cook all their own meals, and generally thrive in weather conditions that leave most locked-up indoors!
Didn't know where to put this, maybe I should start an "only in Florida" thread.

Retired? Can't quite make ends meet? Start a new career as an armed robber!