Things that make you frown :(


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Good old Larry back at it again, tracking number for missing items from earlier shipment has been on pre-shipping for 6 days now...
This guy...he sent the missing valves but no spacer! This gets exhausting, as soon as it ends I’m blocking this seller.
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Printer runs out of ink
Walmart is sold out
Staples is sold out
Amazon is sold out until 4/15

If it’s urgent the office supply stores print stuff too if you send it in. I think UPS store does it too.

I know It doesn’t help now but about 2 years ago with three kids in school I signed up for HP Instant Ink subscription service. They have monthly page bundles and Automatic refills sent via mail when the toner gets low. Plus the cartridges are extra capacity.

Oh and when my last inkjet printer broke I threw it away and bought a new one cause not worth it to repair outside warranty.


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Dishwasher ran for like 4-5 hours while the timer said 1 min remaining. Opened and closed it and it said 25 minutes remaining.

It finally finished an hour after dinner at least everything was clean. We used paper plates for dinner tonight.

Online comparison shopping for new dishwashers right now.

That makes 2 of the 3 major appliances to shit the bed after our full remodel / renovation from 2006.


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Team MTBNJ Halter's
Just looked up the price of those inflatable bmx landing ramps . 4k and up, guess that ain't happening


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Went for my bi-yearly check up with my Neurologist today in Wayne, NJ and she gave me a script for a blood test. I said fine, I’ll go to Quest in my town, Hewitt NJ, I even have an account with Quest.
Quest told me they now only do blood work for the doctor in the same building and don’t honor scripts from other doctors. I replied, it must be because the doctor in this building owns this building and you have to pay him rent here. The clerk said, I not allowed to say anything about that. So I went home and looked up Quest and found a listing in Warwick, NY at Saint Anthony’s hospital, walk ins welcome. So off I go. Main entrance, sit with a receptionist and she says we need the doctors Quest ID number to do this. She asked me to use my phone to call my doctor, I said I don’t own one. She called my doctor, they refused to give the hospital their Quest ID number. I said thank you very much, I guess I wasn’t meant to get a blood test today The clerk said “we can do this through our hospital and Medicare, I said fine, thank you. She did all the paperwork and sent me down to the lab. While in the lab I said, where is Quest in this building anyway?
The tech said they’re not here, we do the blood work and sent it out to a Quest facility. I said well that stinks, this place is listed on the Quest website as a Quest location. She said, no we just send it out.
Well, it’s done anyway, what a run a round.


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Knolls updating their Fugitive LT geometry, now called ‘Fugitive 138’. 3mm more travel. 3mm less BB height...14mm more reach, .25 slacker head tube, .75 steeper seat tube. See one thing is telling me they just changed the linkage...for 3mm travel?
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