Things that make you frown :(


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As you head upstairs to call it a night on Friday and discover that the blower motor of the upstairs air handler is not working....and the 24/7 emergency HVAC company that's the nearest authorized dealer for Goodman, can't get the part until Monday.....and we're unsure if the installer registered all the equipment 9yrs ago for the 10yr warranty on parts. Good thing is the downstairs unit is still working.


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Not telling the whole story, where did the switches go?
That's almost done. Still a clusterfuck. Everthing had to be moved while the network was still up. Making it a pain in the ass.
All the white cables are getting moved to the old board as those are the cables for voice.
Here is the current state. There's about 40 active cables. And I've got about 40 new drops to add.


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So I applied for a loan and since my wife has a consumer fraud alert on her credit report, the bank called up asking for information. So this part of the conversation

"so, what we do now is send you a confirmation code on your phone and all you have to do is read it back to us"

I was like WTF? I'm not giving you any confirmation code that you send to me over the phone, this sounds like a scam. And I hung up on them.

It turns out it might have been ligit.