Things that make you frown :(


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@MissJR my doctor actually told me "well, you're getting old...and this is how it feels". I called BS and push through it.
Sometimes I have a feeling that the medical profession has turned into just repeating pre-packaged, generic statements that seem to aim at making you feel bad about yourself, kind of like politicians...I should try and do that sometimes and see how it works...even though I actually already know if does work for someone (I work in IT).


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Fell during a ride on Halloween, riding off a dirt trail onto an asphalt path that was slick as ice. Fell onto my right side, but somehow my left thumb wasn't getting any better. Think it got wrenched by the dropper lever.. Went to a hand specialist last Thurs and an ultrasound confirmed a complete tear of the RCL ligament. 3 weeks wearing this, hoping some healing on it's own, if not surgery. This sucks.
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I was in a yoke splint for 6 weeks to help my middle finger tendon heal. Looks like I avoided surgery. Good luck with the healing
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Major frown.

My 81 year old mother in law gets a notice in the mail from Irvington Municipal court for “failure to appear” for a parking ticket from July. Looking at the notice it showed her plate number and license.

I do a little online google and Plate number search and find that by changing the number 2 in the plate to a 1 there’s an exact match for a 04 Chevy pickup (her car is a ‘12 Chevy Malibu)

She barely drives her car .7 miles to shoprite she wouldn’t even know how to get anywhere past a 3 mile radius of my town.

So I call the number and talk to Alicia. I explain there must be a clerical
Error because my MIL wasn’t in that area. Alicia tells me the tickets get issued based on license plate reader so there’s no way it can be the officers mistake. She also tells me only the judge can dismiss it. So I have to make an appointment. And of course I can’t make the appointment for my MIL because I’m not an attorney. But at least I found out from Alicia it can be a Zoom call. 🤦🏻‍♂️

So now I will need 2-3 hours to explain this whole thing to my MIL so we can hopefully call and make an appointment for a future court date for a ticket that’s clearly a mistake.

I guess there’s worse things to frown about but that’s mine today.

At least it’s Friday and the weather is gonna be perfect for bike rides.
Update this is now a frown turned upside down.

After 2 months of emails and a few calls back and forth this is the abridged version.

Plea by mail - rejected.
Plea in court represented by deputy court administrator - ticket dismissed.

The plea in court required me to fill out a form (as if I was my MIL) documenting any proof why it should be dismissed. Since I could not actually prove she wasn’t there I sent a letter which details how all her personal business is within 5 miles of her home including names addresses and phone numbers of 5 of her doctors along with the proof about the Chevy truck with a license plate that’s nearly the same.

Just got email ticket was dismissed in court by the judge on 11/23. Thanksgiving miracle.


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Sad story making the rounds down this way. Heard about it from a co-worker Monday, before the news ran with it. The co-worker's close friend Don is quoted in the article. He was right next to her and went down as well.
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