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it took me about 45 minutes to get to the trailhead from rutherford... and i left at 3:45 after work... there was a ton of traffic at the 80/23/46 split.

i found out i was still sore from the ride on sunday, and forgot that i ripped a glove sunday too, but it was still a great day for a quick ride. this humidity really took me for a ride though. i was sweating like a soccer player!!

the trail was fun, there were lots of rocks and pretty good downhills and some INSANE rocks at the end, right by the lake you end up at. i was told by someone at work that there are remains of a castle back in the woods somewhere, but i was too tired to find it. i also took the yellow trail back and on my way up one of the rocky sections my tire kicked out sideways and made a very unkind noise... then like magic all the air was gone out of it. i was glad i bought a little air pump that attaches to the waterbottle holder, but it was moot because i blew a tube, and i didn't have a spare. so again i HIKED in ramapo state forest.

i still got a chance to go out and enjoy the woods and the rocks and trees and it was worth it. even if the trail won again.
very nice bro. I love that trail. To get to the remains (i.e. Castle)... Once you get to the lake go right, keeping the lake to your left. Follow that around for a bit and take the first right. This is a gravely road that swtiches back a few times but eventually leads you up to the castle. As you're going up the road, you'll pass a house (with someone actually living in it), keep going onto a small rocky trail. At the top make a left and follow that all the way to the end. It leads you right to the castle and has a nice view. fyi, it's not much of a castle anymore but it's pretty neat the check out. watch out for broken glass :cool:


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