The Weekend Report 9/13-14


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We're back! Due to several requests and the fall rains, we're going to bring back the Weekend Report. We intend to keep this as on topic as possible. We're looking for user feedback on the following things listed below. Any additions or comments pertinent to the subject is welcome and/or encouraged.

I'm not going to list the trail conditions to start the week. I'm going to let people help by telling us what they see out there. If we can get user updates on a weekly basis that would be great. Much appreciation and love to the users!

So with that, the Weekly Report is back.


9/13 (Sat) - JORBAfest - All the cool kids will be there.


9/14 (Sun) - Michaux Endurance Series - Terror of Teaberry (bikereg)


No official MTBNJ group rides this week, but there are 10 group rides of various kinds at JORBAfest (schedule link) this weekend.

TM Sessions

9/13 (Sat) - Pyramid Mountain
9/13 (Sat) - Hartshorne
9/14 (Sun) - Six Mile

Trail Conditions

This is where you give back! Post up your trail conditions and I'll add them here!


Allaire will be horrible this weekend. I will suggest everyone go to JORBA fest because of the recent sand storms at Allaire.;)
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JORBA: Ringwood
I just checked the pixymeter and best trail conditions in the state will be at the Jorbafest.:D


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These endless plugs for JORBAFest are funny. I'm so glad I was planning to be there anyway. No guilt.


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I will be at work while you guys are all festing at Jorba. I may try to jet straight from here and make it out to the night ride...



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Sat is the First day of Bow hunting at 6 mile.

Go to the JorbaFest and steer clear of arrows.


Come out on Sunday and Cut a new trail!!!


Brian Snyder

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TM @ Hartshorne Woods

The TM session will left adrift, as Mike Flatley and I will be at the fest all day. They have good folks who will still do some quality work, but, I asked them not to have a TM the same day as the fest. I guess I will be forced to use my skills @ 6 mile on Sunday instead.

Brian Snyder

JORBA "Roaming Gnome"
Trail conditions at Hartshorne and Huber.

Conditions are good, with the typical sandy spots, some minor erosion and downed limbs from the storms last Sat.
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