The tale of two gray beards….and Uncle Jerry!!!


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Spring Lake loop


And off to NYC for the USA vs Wales game

And train back to NJ


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Happy Thanksgiving 🦃🍽🍁 Eve easy loop.
There was a large list of honey dew items today so my more ambitious plans turned into a quick loop to complete the hour.
Two dinners planned for tomorrow… one with Grandma and a second with Uncle Jerry. So check in tomorrow for pre game and Stage House pics



I wish my phone was easily accessible on the ride today. 2 guys working on a Fiesta with Jack stands under the front and stumps holding the rear up. I just shook my head during the first loop, on the second I saw the transmission on the ground. On the third lap I saw that the stumps were 18”-24” in diameter and figured they could hold up a Mack truck so I stopped shaking my head and nodded thinking “clever use of available materials. Then I saw one lighting up and there was a strong smell of weed and everything made sense. Lol


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It was almost over Johnny loop

Got up after watching yesterdays afternoon World Cup games and couldn’t put weight on my right ankle. Thought I would just walk it off … but just got worse by dinner time.

Still bad this morning so I reached out to my Ortho daughter for a consult. Ruled out another blood clot and left it at some tendinitis outside the ankle from overuse. Mentally called it over and limped around all day taking Advil and icing.

By dinner time today it felt a lot better. So against doctors and wife’s advice I popped on the lights and did a pedestrian paced loop around the neighborhood to close out a 5th month. Will see in the morning if my move was Ill advised.

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