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I'm a big fan of stouts, especially this time of the year. Might as well get a thread about the different kinds of beers we all drink.

This is in my on-deck circle for tonight. It came recommended from the guy at Oak Tree. Not Dan (the Beer Man?), but one of the workers.



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I like Oatmeal Stouts and Milk Stouts. I'm guessing i like the sweeter stouts. The Lancaster Brewing Milk Stout is pretty tasty, and the Samuel Smith Oatmeal Stout is a sure bet.


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Sammy smiths is a delicious stout!

A few that come to mind are:
Victory Storm King
Youngs double chocolate stout
aaannndd I cant think of anymore

Iron hill brewery and triumph make excellent stouts.


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If you like a good Milk Stout try the Left Hand Brewing version I found it much tastier than Lancasters myself.

Secondly for an Imperial Stout you have to find and search out Shafly Imperial Stout 1 year old aged in bourbon barrels. I seriously found this to be the best stout I have ever tried! It recently has been release in parts of NJ from St. Louis and is well worth the price tag.


A few years back I stopped for lunch at the triumph brewery in Princeton. They had a nice, smooth stout on tap. I forget it's name but it was like the love child of Guinness and a Caramello.


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The pub a block from my apartment keeps Brooklyn Black Chocolate stout on tap during the winter. Dangerous.


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I'm a big fan of the Brooklyn Chocolate Stout. I could only imagine how god it tastes on tap.

Frank brought a great one to the picnic. I think it was Rogue chocolate stout. I appreciated the "whiskey" finish :drooling:


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Youngs Double Chocolate on tap is awesome, but i've only found it in Syracuse NY. I overdid the Chac Stouts last winter though, so i'm passing on those.

I think i confuse the Left Hand with Lancaster. They both have those cows on the front. Maybe it was the Left Hand i preferred.


I'm just finishing up a Brooklyn Chocolate Stout, awsome brew!

I need to go replenish some stock, I'll be looking for some Stout brews that have been mentioned here :D I'm curious about this Shafly Imperial stout.


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Funny story about the Brooklyns. Norm had suggested them to me this time last year so I go out and pick up a six pack. I think it was a Thursday night or something and I'm hanging out at home doing laundry and things to free up the weekend. I was like four beers in and I remember my wife saying, "what the hell is wrong with you?"

Norm neglected to tell me and I never thought to look at the fact that they were 11% alc.

Wow, that Friday at work was rough.

Sean brought the Youngs to the first picnic and it went really quick. I turned my sister on to them who later decided to mix an evening of Chocolate Stouts with red Sangria. Thank god she has hardwood floors.:rofl::drooling::puke:

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Nice and smooth at room temp...Being that my late fathers name is Boris I had to try it...And served in a double walled glass...



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DF WW Stout

Dog Fish World Wide Stout just came out this week and is flying off shelves by me....this is nothing like any stout you have had before and is well worth the try if you haven't tasted it before.


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Where is 'by me'?
Valley View?

They have a decent selection in there! :D
(the full line of Troegh's...)
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