The Social Distancing in Isolation Contest & Never-ending Peter Pan Positivity Parlay


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Starting tomorrow, I am hosting the official MTBNJ My Corona Social Distancing in Isolation Contest with the goal of providing some distraction and entertainment during these trying times.

Here at the details:
Each day, while observing social distancing, you will get a point for doing an activity outside and posting a picture, meme, gif, video, drawing or basically anything that contains a visual component. You may also submit an original written poem, hakui, song lyrics, blog entry, instructions on how to select the best tire for six mile and/or wheel size, geo, bar width, pedal choice, etc. In summary, provide some original content.

For each calendar day, there will be a Post of the Day selected, in which you can be awarded an additional bonus point. Likes of a post and/or quoting of a post may or may not impact this decision but ultimately I make the call. At my discretion I can choose to select more than one Post of the Day. The Post of the Day will be awarded the following calendar day.

The contest will run until I deem it is over, but will go for at least two weeks from 03/20/2020 (tomorrow). You can join at anytime, but you need to post within 3 days of the current date to be included AND you need to post on the calendar day to be eligible for the Post of the Day bonus.

I can elect to hide anyone that is simply being disruptive, in which you will not be awarded a point for the day.

There will be a cycling related prize for doing this contest, awarded to the person with the most points. It will be something new that could range from a shifter cable to pair of socks to something of higher value.

In summary:
Post Date
Post Visual or Written Content
Support your Fellow MTBNJ'er
Don't be an Idiot
You can win something

Here is an example of a post (from my ride yesterday)

Boom, this would be 1 point.
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