The Soap Opera Continues

:pSo,.....the one and only Mario Cipollini has come out of retirement to ride The Tour of California with the Rock Racing team.......Tyler Hamilton was set to make his second out of doping retirement comeback with the RR team until the ToC organizers said 'No Way Jose'......he's still under are a couple of other RR Rock Racing are not sure if they will even start I was hoping to see Freddie Rodriguez lead out Cipo in the sprint finishes, or better yet, Cipo lead out be continued no doubt........

:rolleyes:It's all (Astana, ASO, UCI...) quite embarrassing for the sport as a whole, but I still can't give up on's a great sport to watch.....

NJ Jess

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Hi there

Good to hear you are still around. Hope the family thing is doing better. When are we going to ride? Spring is on it's way,.....


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You do realize that Rock Racing is purposely manipulating the media to get this stuff written about them? Of course they'll start. But they'll do anything for the press and publicity, including threatening to not start the race...
After listening to Michael Ball "talk the talk" , so to speak, about his team and pro racing in general, and seeing his team's colorful :rolleyes: uniforms, it seems he surely will go to great lengths to garner media exposure for his team, even if they can't do it through actual racing.

Although it was nice to see Freddie R. and Cipo near the front for at least one of the sprints.
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