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Sunday 2/10/19
Two Parks: Hart and Huber, bonus!
2:58mins, 20 miles.

It was cold, needed to get outside as zwift had been becoming a tad bit boring and only so many albums I can listen to all week as I needed to be outside to clear my head. Cold, rode the fatty to and from the woods. Trail conditions were, eh as people ride when its peanut butter slick. Made me sad a little. Hope to be outside more and increase my outside hours. Need to be reliant upon my cold weather gear and not stay inside due to temps.



Ride Time:13:07:22


Not much to tell about
Except,that my low back pain comeback again after such a long time vacuum,I think I pulled the nerves during my work day pulling a pallet with handjack
But,with few stretches it does a little bit better so I can continue the rides

It was colder and a tad windy today
Rode my regular NYC century Route
Mixing of city’s park trails,greenway and painted bike lane
Passing through Bronx
I always love visiting this neighborhood and Harlem too,always fascinating exploring those neighborhoods

Then head over the RFK bridge onto Queens
Queens,in this part kinda boring for me
Except Flushing Main Street this is where all diversity is in motion in single areas but not to mentioned other,such as Jamaica whereas lots of India and African folks lives
In the meantime in Flushing and it’s neighboring are mostly occupied by hispanic and Asian
Elmhurst has some pocket of Indonesian community too where I can stop by to enjoying my hometown foods

Now,leaving Flushing
I veered into Kissena park to pick up Cunningham MTB park only 4 miles away from Main st Flushing
Rode the Loop then continue to alley pond park by riding on Brooklyn-Queens greenway trails
This is a hidden gem not many cyclist knows this
Look it up, not a dirt trails but a paved path that some part of it using city streets linking them altogether with city’s park trails,I use this a lot to link it with my own route

After the Brooklyn-Queens trails ended in Bellaire,Queens
Took another Bike Route on the street this time but with painted bike lane
This will lead me to Rockaway beach
So,I have now reaching Town of Howard Beach
Then continue onto Rockaway Beach
I rode the half frozen sandy beach to reach Jacob Riis national park plenty people’s walking by the beach accompanied by their pets or love ones

Meanwhile I just accompanied by my beloved bicycle
Wanted to see sunset
But not today I guess
So,I kept cranking until reaching coney island
From here I took the Ocean parkway trail or walkway or greenway whatever you call it
This is the safer way to bike on although must pay attention to the traffic lights changes and Turning vehicles
It is protected from traffic it is goes right in the middle of the parkway kinda like protected sidewalk that you can ride on also to walk on.

This greenway maybe close to 4 mile long it link to prospect park in Brooklyn
This rather busy when in summer,lots of hipsters from Williamsburg coming up using this greenway to visit the Beaches
It is dark now as I was riding on this greenway on my way to prospect park not many cyclist left or walkers,joggers now
The park is look almost empty at 6;45pm imagine when in summer too crowded offcourse

After leaving prospect park
I’m now at the entrance of Brooklyn bridge
Not crowded but still many hardy tourists present
Night lights from Manhattan Buildings is so beautiful at this hours now

Moving on
Now I’m on Hudson greenway on west side highway
Another my regular route to get home
Now,almost 8pm only few cyclist and a handful of joggers and walkers that I came across at this hours now
Crossing The GW
Stopped at an Korean Eatery ate my late lunch at Dinner hours
The finally home by 10pm

So simple,even a cavemen can do this rides!!

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Great narrative and photos. You usually ride areas most of us would not think of. Nice variety.
Moving Time: 1:01
Bonus: Lights of course 20 minutes - can’t find any graffiti in Ridgewood but I know a certain rock named after an animal that (unfortunately) has graffiti all over it. Will have to force myself to ride there this weekend.
Total Time- 1:21.

Question, what is that thing on the other side of the bridge?

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You captured a spirit orb! Did you keep going and ride right thru the ghost or turn around? Another great skeery pic - well done 😲

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Multi-park bonus for 2/4-2/10 has been added and is finished.

2/11-2/18 Bonus - Graffiti picture with your bike for an hour bonus! One graffiti bonus for the week.

NOTE: It is cold, phones freeze during rides while recording Strava. Do not make it a habit of guestimating lost time - this time will not count!

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Strava Manasota key

Finally wind from a different direction from either east or west - south. Makes for a trip west to Manasota key which runs pretty much north-south. South into the wind not too bad due to tree blockage, nice boost coming back. Lots of people at the beach - red tide is gone, water is starting to warm up. Think it's low 60s right now


Of course, coming home I have a 4 mile stretch due east and the wind shifted just as I made the turn