The November Get Outside and Take a Picture thread


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well done too! I know you kicked that 4 hour pace guy's ass.
ps - never put down 4 hours as an estimated finish time. it is it's own coral, and most of them are hoping to finish something over 4, not under.
I must have put down a better finish time because I was supposed to be in the corral before the 4 hour pacers. But my plan was to stick with them till about a mile out and then try and sprint, lol. I had no idea how crowded the 4 hour group gets. I just thought the whole marathon was really crowded until I ran past the pacer with about 5k to go. I'll have to shoot for 3:30 next time, hopefully it'll be a lot less crowded, lol.


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Well there were a couple things going on today I wanted to do. First I chose to go to Mike's event in Kinnelon.
At least 50 people and I only knew about 3. Very fun times. There were bike jump competition and skinny riding
skills with great prizes. Then they all went on a trail ride that I passed on. Way to tough for me. These guys are
some great riders! So I went to Wawayanda to ride and see the turkey day riders there. I got to do my usual 10 mile
ride and meetup with friends. They all had a great ride and hung around and chatted for a while. Great day out!.

Fun at Mike's





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