the moody blues.


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Cool one. I can remember being a boy and falling asleep in the back of my dads car, on the floor where it was warm and hearing that song playing. We were driving back from my cousins in Rockaway and we were near Princeton.

My dad used to always point out these antennas that had blinking red lights on the tops of them, when we could see them we knew it was about 45 minutes to home. They were near Princeton.

So he pointed those out and I sat up to see them and followed them for a while with my eyes. That Moody Blues song came on. I laid back down and remember tripping out on the part right before the flute (?) solo thats at about 2:04 in the was like time just dragged on forever on those drum hits before the flute starts.

Anyway I think I had some kindof profound spatial/time/connectiveness/flow moment at that exact moment. Years later I found some stuff that I could eat and it would give me the same feeling for hours.

Glad to hear the song doesn't make you sad anymore.
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